Station 4

With the rebirth of so many districts around town, The Southwest Waterfront is one area I think we all thought would never happen!   Slowly but surely (DC’s unofficial motto) SW is coming back!

So, my spy deck located a new spot called Station 4 – right where the old EPA building used to be.  This place should be everyone’s party in hiding!  It is swank,  eclectic, sexy, warm and best of all, it’s not in the mix of everything.  So, if you’re a happy hour queen like me, then you know how it can be sometimes.  Every now and then, you want get out and find somewhere low-key but you don’t want to deal with traffic, bad parking, and swarms of people. Well, this is it!

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Their signature logo of lucious red lips are everywhere and it pairs well with the bold decor of black, red, and gold design to cultivate your inner drama.

What’s also cool about this place is the ecletic crowd.   You get a good vibe of warm people, who aren’t too pretentious but appreciate class.  It’s a great spot to meet up with friends and coworkers.

Apparently, the owners came up with the name because it’s their fourth restaurant in DC and it’s right across from the Southwest Waterfront Metro Station.   They also have Tunnicliffe, Ulah Bistro, Stoney’s, and Bullfeathers…  So that makes five?  Not so sure about this story…

With ample parking and the Southwest Waterfront Metro just across the street, there’s no reason to miss their happy hour!  M-F, from 3p – 6p, they spoil you with select whites and reds for $5 and select beer for $4. If you’re feeling hungry, all bar food is halfprice!

I sipped on their Bonterra Sauvignon Blanc and snacked on their Pinnaple BBQ Pizza.  With so many options and a great location, Station 4 is a perfect pleasure hideout!

1101 4th Street, SW

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