Ping Pong – Dupont

Good things come to Dupont, when it waits!  At last, Ping Pong – Dupont is here!

Ping Pong – Dupont officially opened its doors last Wednesday to many long awaiting fans!  What began as a small crowd at 5pm, this place quickly became the heartbeat of Dupont by 6!

Located just off of Dupont Circle, right near New Hampshire Avenue, this spot has all of what its Chinatown location desires.  There is plenty of outdoor dining to feed your end-of-summer fun and inside, you’ll find a beautiful ambiance with detailed Asian decorum and plenty of windows that aim for an inside alfresco touch.  As the sun sets for the evening, the mood transforms into a warm and sexy atmosphere.

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Although there is no happy hour until the start of September, their fantastic dishes and drinks paired with great service is guaranteed to leave you content.

I had a couple martinis, including their signature Asian Manhattan!  It’s a great mix of a full flavor but dry and dressed with a touch of plum wine to fit right in!

Popular in other areas throughout the world, Ping Pong began its North American journey right here, in Washington.  Its Chinatown dining room opened last year, followed by its new Dupont Circle grand opening.  They are also in London, Dubai, and Sao Paulo.

This place ROCKED for an opening night!  With many brand new staff members and a decent-sized crowd, Ping Pong – Dupont, set the bar high for grand openings!  The service, food, and drinks were all superb!

I’ll post the happy hour deets when they become available!  Cheers!

Sheara, of Ping Pong – Dupont
1 Dupont Circle, NW

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