It’s Weakness Wednesday!

Hey, y’all!  It’s Weakness Wednesday!

One of my true loves happens to be the charbroiled parmesan–crusted oysters from my favorite Creole restaurant in the area – Acadiana, in NW.  They’re dressed with garlic butter, lemon, and you can’t forget the Tabasco to go with it. Just when you think you’re finished, you have to have the warm bread to sop up the rest of the deliciousness.

Now, if you’re gonna have oysters, the best brew to go with it is the Strawberry Harvest Abita!  This seasonal beer can only be found every late February, early March.  It’s brewed right in Louisiana with fresh bayou-grown strawberries.

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Yes, I know it’s not in season right now but if you’ve never had it, mark your calendar and be sure to try it at Acadiana or buy a couple of cases from merchants like World Market.

Hope you enjoyed my weakness.  What’s yours?!




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