Boundary Road…The perfect neighborhood bar has arrived on H St., NE

Boundary Road officially opened its doors in the Atlas District on H Street, NE, just two weeks ago.  If the name sounds familiar, it may be because it was in plans to open for the past year.

I dropped by during their grand opening night to see if this place was worth the wait.  As I walked into the brick and wooden food chamber, I got the feeling of a classy well-vetted neighborhood restaurant that had been open for some time. This place was pretty busy for its debut night and had the camaraderie of an upscale Cheers.  With the cool vibe, impressive staff, and simple but textured design appeal, the bar drew me in like a great book, turning each page, wondering what would be next.

Adorned with warming lighting and a pretty eclectic chandelier made from an old mattress spring, this space offers traditional seating, a bar that seats a dozen or so, and a communal dining area as well.

I had a seat at the bar and was warmly greeted by fellow patrons and Dan, who’s an awesome bartender.  This place had me feeling as if I’d been there before, with its warm people and great mix of background music.

The drink menu will spark curiosity and rapport with an interesting mix of Euro culture and DC trend.  The first drink to catch my eye seemed fitting; representing the change of the city and a sign of the times – I’m Thinking About Getting a Vespa.  From its name alone, I imagined a colorful, light and refreshing drink, with a bit of sass, which to me, is totally descriptive of someone who owns a Vespa.  I was right!  This drink totally wakens your pallet with a bright and chilled blend of Aperol, sparkling wine and blood orange.  It’s electric red and served on the rocks with a zesty lemon peel.  It totally took me to Bermuda in February.  I loved it!

I also tried Praha City Represent, a spirit-filled drink that will remind you of a warm cup orange spice tea.  Made with Becherovka, an herbal bitters from Czech Republic, ginger beer, and other components, it offers a multi-layered refreshing taste with bold flavors of lime, herbs & spices, and bit fizz, with a balance of sweetness.

If you’re hungry, I suggest the hanger steak with chestnut puree’ and kale or the lamb dish, which both are sure to please. I must say the hand-cut fries are great, too, and the curry mayo pairs well with it.

They’ve got a great happy hour, including a late night soiree.   Monday through Friday, from 5pm – 7pm, get your hands on $1 tasters of all drafts, draft of the day for $4, and selected red and white wine of the day for $4.  The late-night happy hour is everyday, including weekends, from 11:30pm – 1:00am, where they have specials on beers and shots.

Boundary Channel was a hit for me.  Simply fantastic!  It’s the perfect upscale neighborhood spot to meet friends for dinner and drinks.

414 H Street, NE
WDC 20002

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