About My Blog

So, to give you a little scoop on my blog, I’ll describe it in five words… Okay! Okay! Six… Let’s toast and taste to new!

Cocktail Commentaries is a hip new blog, spotlighting the newest happy hours scenes in The District!  If you’ve seen one foodie blog, you’ve seen ’em all, right?!  Wrong!  Hey guys, we’re living in the rebirth of the Nation’s Capital!  This town is entrenched with everything NEW and that’s what I’m here to give you!

Whether you’re that socialite who thinks you know all the new happy hour spots in the city or that dull guy who never gets out much and wants to be daring. Well, this blog is all about options and giving you new places to explore around town.

Affectionately nicknamed “Happy Hour Queen”, I give you a look at all the new bars around town and more.  If you’re reading this, chances are likely that you’re a foodie like me.  You know how we are!  We’re always into what’s new, fun, comfy, and trending. We’re the first one’s ready to grab a drink at the new spot around town.

New voices, new perspective, new bars, new restaurants, new menus, new angles!  Your mission is ours – to find out what’s new around here!   Cocktail Commentaries is your vehicle to NEW!  Join our mailing list and keep up with the latest haps around town!

Let’s get started!



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